Sunday, 30 January 2011

Part of something...

So today, when coming home after spending the afternoon with a couple of friends, I was thinking about what I should post. I looked trough the window of the car and noticed how beautiful the night sky looked. But I also noticed how HUGE it is! No, how huge this whole UNIVERSE is! We're so frikin tiny...

... yet we are able to understand it. We are part of this infinite. And that makes us infinite aswell.

Also, damn, I just got a mind"yuck"!


  1. yeah, i feel that way sometimes too when i look up at the night sky. i feel small but never insignificant.

  2. we're just organisms on a small rock floating through space.

  3. Is pretty freaky how minuscule we really are!

  4. Seen this vid many times but still blows me away, vy cansis makes me feel pathetic lol

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