Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hi, I'm a Hermit!

Not long ago, I had great discussion with a great friend of mine that I'd like to share with you guys (or try to at least, cuz by the end of it we were rather drunk :D).

I was hanging out with some friends, and they were hanging out with theirs. We were spread around a couple of tables, drinking and chatting, so the mood was overall fine. But, I never really clicked with my friends friends. It never happened and its something that cant be forced. Luckily, the one great friend I mentioned called. He had been walking alone for a while. I asked: "why?" He said he needed it. "Is everything ok?". "Yup. What? You never spent some time just for yourself, to think or feel inspired?".

Later, after he arrived, we continued that conversation. We joked about how Capricorns like to spend time alone, and since we both have that sign it must be true (we were just poking fun at a girl in our group who takes astrology REALLY seriously). We joked that we were feeling some unnamed feeling that encouraged us to have our moments of solitude... but that was not a joke at all. That IS what I feel when I need to be alone. Like some energy that can only be obtained if I am by myself. But energy for what? Well, we discussed that too. Relaxation is a given, but insights about our lives and inspiration for whatever we feel the need are what we benefit the most out of these lonely periods.

SO, where am I going with this?? No clue! I guess I wanted to see who else feels this way as, besides it being interesting to know that you do, its something that, in my opinion, is beneficial for your life.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Quick Update

I'm not dead! YET! I apologize for my absence to all my followers or those who would become!

Ok, ass kissing done. Now to explain... These past few days I've been really busy: trying to get all the paperwork to apply for one job, studying for another one I *might* get, applying for some cheap graphic design workshop thing (today they tell me I'm on the waiting list *sadface*). All in all, its been great tough, as I've missed this feeling of being really active, almost to the point of becoming stressed!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll post something relevant as now I need to study some more. Just keep in touch!!