Friday, 28 January 2011

Mind "Yuck"

Yes, you know what I meant! Anyway, there are some kinds of mind"yuck's", but the ones I wanted to discuss were those when your mind tries to wrap around an idea or thought.

If you never had one, its a great experience! I've been trying, for 5 minutes now, to describe it... but my patience ran out and, amazingly, Google gave me the most exact description ever! By ReMecca:

"Thoughts so divine and perfect, they could almost be described as carnal. They excite you, they turn you on, they make you think beyond your present beliefs, they make you change your panties."


SO, Art in general is great at achieving this for obvious reasons. When you saw The Matrix didn't you think: "wait, am I in The Matrix?!!". But that mind"yuck" is small time... So, I suggest you watch The Fountain, as it was the last one that really "yucked" me. It "yucked" me so hard!


  1. ooh i wanted to see this. will download. thanks.

  2. I will most definitely get this movie from the iTunes or soewhere...;)

  3. I'll check it out!


  4. Hello~! Interesting movie. I will give it a try next time ^^

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  5. Looks pretty good, will watch!